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Last week, as a McCandless Family Photographer, I had the opportunity to document the afternoon in the life of a wonderful Mother and her four children!   She is a fellow (and talented) photographer so she understands the importance of being IN the photos with her children!

Sure she can take endless amazing photos of her own kids but it’s very difficult to get yourself in the photos!   I’m so proud of her for seeing how very valuable this is and reaching out for a session!   She wanted me to photograph an ordinary day in their lives and I was totally on board and excited to do it!  Documentary, Day in the Life, Storytelling; whatever you want to call it, this is pretty much my favorite kind of family photo session!  We started off at their beautiful home in North Pittsburgh where she prepared lunch for the kids then they picnicked and played in the driveway.  Afterwards we dropped her oldest off at Kindergarten, took the younger kids to the playground, headed to Target and then we all went out for ice cream!!  (Target and ice cream may be a few of my favorite things!)  It was really a wonderful afternoon and I was honored to join them and document a beautiful day in their lives!

girl and baby in exersaucer in kitchen

Unfortunately the little brother had a toe injury in the driveway and Mom had to put on her Doctor hat to pull out a stone while simultaneously wearing her therapist hat to calm her daughter who was very upset that her older brother squashed an ant.  This excitement also made the baby brother start crying.   And although Mom said that level of chaos was not the usual, she handled it all so wonderfully and gracefully like a Supermom.  In my opinion, all Moms are supermoms and queens of multitasking.

siblings with mom in kitchenpittsburgh mom holding crying boys in kitchenlittle boys playing in living room of north hills homemom working on homework with son in kitchen

mom talking to boys at kitchen table

mom cleaning up kitchen with baby on hipsiblings playing in living room of north hills homegirl running down hallway

mom playing itsy bitsy spider with baby in living room

mom cuddling baby in hampton township kitchenmom preparing to leave house baby in carseatgirl playing basketball in pittsburgh drivewaymom holding boys at pittsburgh home in drivewayboy in carseatmom getting kids out of mini van at target parking lotkids pushing a shopping cart in targetmom in target climbing shelves kids in shopping cartlittle girl trying on shoes with mom at targetkids in shopping cart at target“I take pictures. All the pictures. I can’t help myself! But it means all our albums are full of beautiful images of Mark and the kids and not so many of me. Our kids are growing TOO QUICKLY. It is important to me that I also exist in photos with them- especially now while they are still young.  Day-in-the-life sessions are my FAVORITE way to photograph families, and I have been wanting to get one myself for a very long time. I am SO happy I finally connected with Mary Beth, the talented photographer who photographed our day a couple of weeks ago. She did a fabulous job, capturing meltdowns and booboos, ice cream, playing in the park, even a trip to Target. Our typical day.”  ~Pamela

baby on checkout belt in line at target with mom and brother mom pushing cart full of kids out of targetmom pushing kids on swings at mccandless area playgroundbaby on swings at mccandless area playgroundkids on swings at mccandless area playgroundmom pushing kids on swings at mccandless area playgroundkids on swings at mccandless area playgroundmom on seesaw with kids at ingomar playground

family at mccandless area playground
family at mccandless area playgroundfamily at mccandless area playgroundsister holding baby brother on slide at playground siblings getting ice creamsiblings getting ice creamsiblings getting ice creammom playing with son while eating ice creammom playing with son while eating ice creammom playing with son while eating ice creammom with kids sitting in driveway of ingomar home mom holding older son upside down outside of mccandless home

I bet that you are intrigued and possibly interested in this kind of photo session?  And that maybe you already understand how fast time goes and how important it is to capture these moments while your kids are still little?  But maybe you think that you are too boring or that your life is just a little too chaotic right now?  Well let me tell you my friend, you and your family are not boring.  And the chaos?  Well, I love to capture the chaos!  And life will always be chaotic!!  Embrace it!  Allow me to document it!   These days are fleeting!  You will not always have a baby on your hip or a child with a toothless grin.  Before you know it they will be taller than you!  (I speak from experience!)  And the most important part, you NEED to EXIST IN PHOTOS!!  You may be great at getting photos of your own kids but how many of those photos are you actually in?   When your kids are adults will they have moments captured of you holding them?  Kissing their little heads or boo-boos?   Holding their hands or pushing them on the swing like you do every week?   Allow me to capture these moments for you.   I assure you that it will be fun and stress free!  It will be just like hanging out with your kids and an old friend for the afternoon.  With this kind of photo session there is no stressing about what to wear or bribing the children to cooperate.  It’s just you and your beautiful real selves doing real life.

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~All images by Mary Beth Miller Photography ~

Mary Beth Miller Photography specializes in lifestyle and documentary family, newborn and Fresh 48 photography in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and many of the surrounding areas. Mary Beth has over nine years experience photographing families, newborns and babies in the North Hills, McCandless, Ingomar, Franklin Park, Pine Township, Hampton Township, Allison Park, Wexford, Sewickley and Gibsonia.  Her style is very relaxed and natural and your family session will feel like a stress free Sunday afternoon with your family!  

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  • this looks super fun! ReplyCancel

    • Mary Beth

      Thank you!    I had fun and I think they did too :)ReplyCancel

  • Adrienne

    I love everything about this session! ♡♡♡ReplyCancel

  • Hanna

    What a beautiful picture of the joy and chaos of motherhood! I love your attention to the little details that make up their day and the pure reactions they bring out in each other! These feel so completely natural and real to their story ReplyCancel

    • Mary Beth

      Thank you so much Hanna!   I think it helped the kids are used to mom photographing them all the time :) ReplyCancel

  • Estela Giargei

    These are simple yet meaningful moments in a family’s life and how wonderful that you could record these memories for them. ReplyCancel

    • Mary Beth

      Thank you Estela!   I love to capture those simple and mundane moments!  Those are the moments Mom wants to remember! ReplyCancel

  • Oh Mary Beth, what a wonderful collection of images! Such a happy family full of life and smiles!ReplyCancel

    • Mary Beth

      Oh Blimie, that means so much coming from you, thank you!  ReplyCancel

  • Lauren

    Oh my goodness! This is incredible. I I have so many favorite images from this session.ReplyCancel

    • Mary Beth

      Thank you Lauren!   That is so nice of you to say! ReplyCancel

  • Tamara Nelson

    This is awesome!!! Love it!ReplyCancel

  • These are so fun! Now I want a session to capture me and my littles at Target and the park. Pretty much sums up motherhood. ReplyCancel

    • Mary Beth

      Yes, same here!   I think I need to do the same with my kids! ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Penny

    How amazing is this?! I love your ability to document with such raw emotion. ReplyCancel

    • Mary Beth

      Thank you Rebecca!!  My goal is to capture those real and raw emotions!  ReplyCancel

  • stephanie webster

    Love this type of photography. Great job, you nailed it.ReplyCancel

    • Mary Beth

      Thank you Stephanie!   I hope to continue to get families on board with this kind of real life photography!! ReplyCancel

  • Mel

    Realllll life ;) Love your capture. ReplyCancel

    • Mary Beth

      Thanks Mel!!   I LOVE capturing these real life moments!! ReplyCancel

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