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I have finally completed my #365 photo-a-day project for 2016!!!
I honestly feel like I just ran through the finish line and I am feeling pretty darn proud of myself!!

I never imagined that I would actually make it the whole way through 2016.  I have “failed” countless times at doing other photo projects, however I never considered those to be failures because I am so happy to have the images I did manage to take.   For the most part, I am so glad that I finished the entire year but it was no easy task.   I will admit that I made it a lot harder by restricting myself to only shooting with my Canon DSLR’s or my smaller mirrorless Fuji camera.   It was not until after my very busy fall season and into December that I began to fall over a week behind on taking and posting images.   I was burned out and I just did not make the time for it, but I was still taking iphone shots every day.   I decided that I would have to use those images for my 365 project.   And that is totally ok!    I just set expectations too high for myself.

Using my “real” cameras also helped me grow as a photographer.  I was able to get a lot of practice shooting with my new-to-me Fuji camera and I further strengthened my ability to take photos in challenging situations like dark rooms with active children.  Although I am pretty good at working in low light I love having a chance to be challenged even more.  I also had plenty of opportunities to get used to taking my camera out and photographing my kids in public places like Costco, Target, the movies, frozen yogurt shop, or library, etc.   I used to feel intimidated to photograph in these places and now I am very comfortable doing it.

The best part of it all is that I will forever cherish these 365 images.   I will never ever regret documenting a year in our lives.   Doing this also deepened my love for capturing the everyday beauty of real life!   I love to capture the messiness, the love, the anger, sadness, and chaos of real life!   It also deepened the love I have for my children and my husband.   I took more time to really be with them and to notice little things that I may not have noticed before.

I hope that you consider starting a 365 photo-a-day project!    There are many reasons and excuses to not even try it, but I say forget all the reasons not to do it and think of all the wonderful reasons you should do it!   Even if you only use your cell phone or even if you do not share them on social media, it’s ok to keep them all to yourself.   And give yourself some grace!   It is ok if you miss a day here or there, just take two photos the next day!   For me, I found that I did better if I uploaded, lightly edited and shared the image daily.   If I got behind on this it became a struggle to catch up.

But you have to promise to bring those images to life and turn them into prints or a small photo book!  (check our Blurb and Chatbooks)  Do not just let them sit in your phone or on a hard drive!   Print your photos!  (check out Mpix!)  Tomorrow I will order an album of all of my 365 images and I just created this slideshow to share!   If you have a few minutes, have a look! :)


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~All images by Mary Beth Miller Photography ~

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