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Oh hey there, it’s me, Mary Beth Miller, aka, The Pittsburgh Birth Photographer! Did you know that when I document a birth that I am not just a birth photographer? I can also assist my clients as a birth doula! (included with my birth session fee!) After being by the side of over 50 women while they labored and delivered babies and working along side of some of the best midwives, doulas, L&D nurses and OB’s, I have learned so much along the way. Not to mention the knowledge and experience I gained from birthing three of my own babies. (two without an epidural at The Midwife Center in Pittsburgh, and one with an epidural at Forbes Hospital) With all of this experience and knowledge, I am so happy to be able to not only document a birth for a family but also help support mom during the birth.

Mary Beth Miller relfection in bathroom mirror at magee womens hospital in pittsburgh pa birth photographer
Because I play a role in each of my clients birth stories, I try to get myself in a photo during each birth that I photograph. Sometimes its just a window reflection where you may not even notice me at first and sometimes it’s my reflection in the hospital bathroom mirror at 3am. 

My birth clients will tell you how I do much more than just document their birth story. When I am not capturing images I’m always happy to do all that I can to help support and guide an expecting mom and dad throughout the labor and delivery. I am armed with knowledge about labor to help Mom try different labor positions and to give her encouraging words during some of the hardest parts of labor. I am also very knowledgable and helpful when it comes to breastfeeding and so much more. And I’m happy to do things like get fresh ice chips or ice water for mom, hot coffee for dad and update family in the waiting room.

I have been documenting births here in the Pittsburgh area for over TEN years! Yes, TEN! I began way back when very few people in the Pittsburgh area ever heard of birth photography! Other than photographing a birth for a close friend, I had not heard too much about birth photography either until one day a client asked me if I would be interested in photographing the birth of her baby! Being a “birth junky” kind of person, that loved to hear others birth stories and watch birth videos, I said yes please! After documenting the birth of her beautiful daughter, I was hooked! Then a few years later, I also photographed the birth of her second daughter! I am forever grateful to her and feel like she may have been partly responsible for where I am now as an experienced birth photographer!

I also happened to be friends with a wonderful group of women that were midwives and doulas and “birthy” folks. With their help I photographed over 15 home births within my first few years photographing births. I am so grateful to all of these friends that shared my name and my work around the Pittsburgh community. I also have photographed many births at the local midwife center and in just about every Pittsburgh area hospital.

mother and baby from birth session at st elizabeth boardman

“Mary Beth captured so much emotion in the photos she took of my 4th child’s birth. Every time I look at the images I am filled with tears of happiness as she captured the moment so perfectly. She was excellent with my family and other kids and was even a great support to me while in labor and immediately after. She’s a blessing to all she photographs.” -Courtney

See more kind words from my birth clients here!

I have heard that a birth photographer should be a fly on the wall, but that would be near impossible for me to do during a whole birth. With my experience attending births I am really great at reading a room. I know when it’s time to be a wallflower and when to leave the room to let mom rest or to give a couple some quiet alone time. I know when mom wants to hang out and chat between contractions and I know when Mom needs some guidance and encouragement to help her through labor. I know when to step in to fill a need that needs met. *Please note that although I am working on a certification, I am currently not a certified doula. However, a doula certification is not necessary in PA to be a practicing doula.

Are you expecting a baby in 2019?
Have you considered hiring a birth photographer?
I am happy to meet with you in person to chat BEFORE you even decide on hiring me!
I want expecting parents to have a chance to meet me before I attend the birth.

I have just a few of spots left in my 2019 schedule so please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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~All images by Mary Beth Miller Photography ~
Mary Beth Miller Photography specializes in birth, hospital, newborn, family and child photography in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. She has photographed births at Magee, West Penn, Mercy, Forbes, St. Clair, Jefferson, Heritage Beaver Hospital and The Midwife Center in Pittsburgh. 

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