Why choose an in home lifestyle newborn photo session?

The first few weeks with a newborn are a blur of sleep deprivation mixed with new baby bliss (I speak from experience) so below I will tell you why you should choose an in home lifestyle newborn photo session!

mom and dad holding newborn in nursery in pittsburgh home

Regretfully, I have very few images from those hazy and sleep deprived first few weeks with each of my new babies. But the few photos that I do have remind me of cradling my new son and sniffing his little head and gazing at his little face for hours on end.

(This is me with my 1st son in 2003.)

mother and newborn son in pittsburgh house

And the prints that I have also bring back memories of the three different homes that we brought each boy home to.  And with each boy, there is a photo of me holding them in the same exact rocking chair. These images bring back so many memories from those first weeks that feel like that happened in a blink of an eye.

The photos from your newborn session will one day trigger those hazy memories from the first few weeks.

toddler kissing baby brother on head in pittsburgh home

At-home lifestyle newborn sessions also capture the connection and love between a couple and their new baby!  I will come to your home and capture some timeless and real-life moments of this time with your newborn.

mom dad newborn and fur baby dog in pittsburgh home

Here’s a list of some of the reasons why you should have
a newborn photo session in the comfort of your own home

A newborn session in your home is less stressful for the new Mom. 

The last thing I want to do is create more stress for new Mom!   A new Mom that is stressed, usually has a baby that is stressed!  When you choose to have this kind of photo session in your home there is little that the mom has to worry about.   

I don’t require my clients to do anything special to prepare for the session and because I do not do the fancy poses, there are no worries over having your baby “cooperate” for the session.  If baby is wide awake for two hours, no problem, I prefer awake photos!

mother holding newborn son on bed

Stay comfortably at home.

In my own experience, the thought of leaving the house with a brand new baby (and possibly with a toddler and other kids in tow) brought on thoughts of panic.   It is very convenient to have a photographer come to you. You don’t have to worry about packing a diaper bag or fret about a screaming newborn or toddler in the car.  There are no concerns about when and where you will breastfeed or prepare a bottle or change a diaper.  In any situation that arises you will be home to take care of it.

mom holding toddler son on crib to look down at his newborn baby sister in their home

Include your whole family in the session!   

My lifestyle newborn sessions always include both parents in the photos, but I also include siblings, grandparents and yes, even your fur babies!   And since we are doing them at your home, without time constraints, we can work around nap schedules for older siblings and let the kids be themselves without stressing about them sitting still and posing for a portrait. Your fur babies and older siblings will also be more comfortable and relaxed in their own environment.  And if a little one needs a snack, they can head to the kitchen when they need to.

Photos in the Nursery!  

Many parents work for months to design the perfect space for the baby they are expecting!   So much time and thought go into choosing the best wall colors, crib, and decor.  I love getting images of you and baby in the nursery and I always capture the details of the decorations.

on location in home squirrel hill pittsburgh family and newborn photo session | www.marybethmillerphotography.com

A session that is unique to your family! 

A session that takes place in your home is authentic.   Imagine pictures of your baby sleeping in their crib or cradle or photos of your whole family cuddling on the couch where you spend the majority of your time.  I’ll be able to capture not only the nursery that you worked so hard on, but other elements of the house that you have created into a home!  These images will be unique to your family!

newborn baby in pittsburgh nursery yawing with gray fuzzy slippers and a white long sleeve onesie laying on alphabet sheets

Memories captured of real life with a new baby. 

Although a studio newborn photographer can create some real magic, this is just not my kind of photography.    I prefer to photograph babies in a more natural way, like in the loving arms of their parents vs. posed and placed in a crate or bucket.  In the majority of my images, baby is comfortably cradled by the parents.  I like to capture images of a couple working as a team changing a diaper or even giving baby a bath.  These are the images that you will treasure 40 years from now.

I’m a professional with over fourteen years of experience and I am pretty fun to be around! 

Seriously though.  I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years, and the majority of my sessions take place in my clients’ homes.  I take my job seriously but I have so much fun while I am doing it.   I never take for granted coming into your home during this special time in your lives!  And although I take the utmost care in handling a new baby, I really do not need to handle your baby much at all with this kind of photo session!  (although I do enjoy a few baby cuddles)

mom, dad, newborn on doorstep of pittsburgh home

Let go of the idea of perfection and embrace that real life is beautiful! 

Ok, I can hear some of you now,  “but what if my home is not photo worthy!?”   I sometimes hear concerns like, “my home is too small-cluttered-messy-dark-etc.”.  Listen, I get it.  I live in a little old farmhouse with poor natural light, cluttered corners and imperfections, but I also love my home!   It’s where we spend most of our time and it is full of so many wonderful memories! 

Please do not worry or stress about thinking your house is a mess!   You JUST had a baby!  It’s completely normal to have baby clothes and items all about, a basket full of laundry waiting to be washed or folded and dishes in the sink!   Clutter is definitely expected!  No one will see the dust under the couch or on the shelf.  They are only going to see your precious new baby and your beautiful family, happy and comfortable in your home.

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