Frozen Bubbles

After seeing some posts on the internet about blowing bubbles in the freezing temperatures, I had to give it a try!  I used a recipe calling for Dawn dish soap and corn syrup (to prevent them from popping easily).  Then I heated the bubble mixture and put it in a thermos so it would freeze faster out in the cold.  Here in Pittsburgh the wind chill was around -10 below!   I will admit, this was not easy at all!   Had it not been extremely windy, it would have been a lot easier!
Two hours later of running in and out of the house, I had one successful attempt!

First, here is what it looked like outside, yes, I might be slightly crazy.  And no, I did not drag my children out into the cold!  In this image, you can not even see our bright red barn across my yard because of the high winds blowing the snow around!


And although these are not nearly as beautiful as the ones I have seen online, here is what I captured.


And then I popped it.


Next time, I will wait until it is not quite as windy, and I will have someone blow the bubbles for me, because blowing them and then rushing to take the photo, made it even more difficult!

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