How Much Can I Expect to Pay for a Family Photo Session in Pittsburgh?

So you’re considering a photo session for your family and you may be wondering, how much can I expect to pay for a family photo session in Pittsburgh? Well, in this post, I’ll tell you what it could cost.

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Unfortunately, like many other services, there is not an exact figure for this question. Photographers charge a broad range of prices for their family photoshoots and each photographer includes different things with their sessions.

In the Pittsburgh area, you can expect to pay on average, around $500 for a family session with a professional photographer.

However, you can also find “affordable” photographers in the $100-300 range and you can find that some of the best, most experienced, and most talented family photographers will cost well over $1,000.

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There are a few different factors that will determine the cost of your family photos.


I believe experience is the number one factor that you should consider when hiring a photographer to capture images of your family.

And most likely, the more experienced a photographer is, the better their work is. You want to hire someone that has a beautiful portfolio of family images! Make sure they have a large variety of family photos in their gallery from multiple different sessions.

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Unfortunately, I’ve talked to many moms that regretted choosing an inexperienced and “affordable” photographer for their family. They learned the hard way that often, “you get what you pay for” rings true. They ended up being disappointed and unhappy with their photos and wished they had gone with a different photographer.

What’s Included in the Session?

When looking at the cost of a family photographer you will need to consider what they include with your family session. The majority of photographers will include anywhere from five to 100+ digital files that include a print release for you to order your own prints and other products.

Some higher-end photographers only want to provide you with the best professionally printed products (framed prints, canvas wall hangings, heirloom albums, etc.) that they will design and order for you from a company that only serves professional photographers.

Some photographers, like myself, offer the best of both worlds, digital images and professionally printed products!

COBD (cost of doing business)

In addition to talent and experience, a professional photographer has a long list of business expenses to run their business and this affects their cost. A photographer that is just a “hobbyist” does not need to charge as much as a professional photographer who does photography full or part-time as their main means to earn a living and support themselves and their family.

Some photographers have a studio with overhead for rent and utilities and this may bring the need for them to charge more than a photographer without a studio. The cost of doing business for many professional photographers also includes; state and federal taxes, high-quality camera equipment and upkeep and repair for this equipment (cameras, lenses, flashes, etc.), the cost of insurance for liability and to protect their expensive camera gear, the high cost for self-employed health insurance, computers, software, professional memberships, continuing education (classes and courses), expenses for vehicles and travel costs, etc., etc.

This list goes on and on but this is just to give you an idea of how this can affect the cost of a professional photographer vs. someone that does it in their free time.

In Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, like many cities, there are literally hundreds of photographers to choose from! This can actually make it a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right photographer but this also means that you can easily find a photographer that fits within your budget.

Your next question may be, How do I find a family photographer in my area? Here is a blog post to help you find a family photographer near you!

If you are interested in my family photography you can find more details here on this page and my pricing information here on this page. My clients spend on average, anywhere between $600 – $1500+. I offer three collections for my clients to choose from and the option to purchase professionally printed products from me, or order on your own from a consumer-level printing company that I highly recommend.

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Mary Beth Miller Photography has over twelve years of experience and specializes in newborn photo sessions in Pittsburgh PA, Younstown, OH and many of the surrounding areas.  

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Established in 2009
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