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When this beautiful Mama contacted me for a newborn photo shoot while she was still expecting her second baby, she had a couple of questions and concerns.

First, she wanted to make sure I could include the whole family, including herself, her husband, and her six-year-old son.

Second, she was worried her home in Indiana Township may be too small, dark, and cluttered for an in-home newborn photo session.

A newborn photographer captures a mother holding her baby, who is smiling slightly.

I’m always more than happy to address all of my client’s concerns and questions when we are in the beginning stages of planning their photo session.

First, I always want to include the entire family in my session, especially any siblings. I even encourage you to invite the Grandparents over! And this Mama happened to have her Mom and Dad there so of course I included them into the session!

A newborn photographer capturing a woman sitting in a rocking chair, tenderly holding a sleeping baby in a nursery.

To address her second concern, I let her know that I have photographed families and babies inside their homes for the last fifteen years, and I have yet to be in a home that was too small, too dark, or too cluttered to have a newborn photo session!

On the day of our session, thankfully we were blessed with a sunny day, which is hit or miss when you live in the Pittsburgh area! And I am not sure why Mom was worried, she had a beautiful home with plenty of space and light! The nursery had great light so we took a majority of the photos in there in front of a big window.

When I arrive at a family’s home, I always ask them what rooms they had in mind to use for our session. They often let me take a peek around and ask me what I think will be best. I usually choose a room or two that has the best natural light.

Although I am primarily a natural light photographer (a photographer that utilizes natural light) I also always bring along my flash and lighting equipment (a softbox, light, and stand) just in case I need it. For this home, I did not need the lighting equipment, but I did use my on-camera flash for a few of the family shots we took downstairs.

A smiling woman holding a sleeping baby in a nursery, captured by a newborn photographer.

I just love this shot of this Mama and her beautiful rainbow baby girl! And I loved her nursery, especially the beautiful woodland-themed wallpaper!

Sleeping newborn cradled in a newborn photographer's arms.

As for cluttered? I did not think it was cluttered at all! Although I embrace real life, I will move a couple of things around if I need to or if I know it is something my client is worried about. Usually, it’s just small things like a wastebasket, diaper genie, a laundry basket, etc. so they are not in the background of every image.

A newborn photographer captures a mother tenderly kissing her sleeping baby while sitting in a nursery.
Woman sitting on a couch cradling a newborn baby, looking at the baby affectionately as a newborn photographer prepares for the shoot.
A newborn photographer captures a baby sleeping peacefully in white clothing on a grey fabric surface.
Newborn baby sleeping peacefully in white clothing, captured by a newborn photographer.
A young boy smiling at the camera while holding a newborn on a pink cushioned chair.

Although I often work with siblings who are toddler-aged (which I love) it was a bit refreshing to work with a six-year-old who was so willing to cooperate! He was so smart and talkative and I was so impressed with how great he was at having a conversation with an adult!

A young boy holds a newborn tenderly in his arms as they sit on a chair, posing for the photographer.

He was so very sweet and gentle with his newborn baby sister and so very helpful and polite for the entire session!

This photo just cracks me up, I always love to include images like this in my clients’ galleries! Baby girl decided she needed to have a little snack break and a cuddle from mom. I think they are still super adorable when they are crying!

A newborn photographer captures a boy holding a crying baby on a couch with a pink blanket in the background.
A newborn photographer holding a baby in a nursery room.
A newborn photographer sitting in a chair holding a newborn baby with a young child leaning on his shoulder.
A newborn photographer captures an alert infant lying comfortably on a soft surface, dressed in a pastel outfit with floral accents.
Newborn photographer captures infant's feet peeking out from a soft, cream-colored blanket.

I wanted to get a photo to show the pretty wallpaper and baby girl decided to give me an adorable smile for this shot! Mom said her favorite animal, seems to be the raccoon!

Newborn photographer captures a newborn baby lying on a blanket with woodland animal patterns, looking alert.

And I loved that her Grandparents were there to be included in the photos!

Elderly man and woman sitting on a sofa admiring a sleeping baby, as the newborn photographer sets up for the perfect shot.
Elderly couple enjoying a moment with their newborn grandchild and their newborn photographer.
Elderly man holds a baby, woman embraces him, and young boy sits beside them on a couch, in a family home setting as the newborn photographer prepares for the shot.

So, if you are considering hiring a newborn photographer to come into your home for a photo session, please know that if I am your photographer, your home is not too dark, small, or cluttered! I assure you that as an experienced photographer, I can make any home work!

If you’re looking for a newborn or baby photographer in Indiana Township,  please get in touch to inquire about a session! I’d love to plan a photo session for your new baby!

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Mary Beth Miller Photography specializes in family and newborn photography in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and many of the surrounding areas. Mary Beth has over fourteen years of experience photographing families, newborns and babies in Pittsburgh including the South Side, Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, Oakland, the North Shore and Northside.   Her style is very relaxed and natural and your family session will feel like a stress-free Sunday afternoon with your family! 

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