What does an in-home newborn photo session look like?

Ever wonder what a typical in-home newborn photo session looks like? How does it flow? How long will it take? Are there any breaks? What does the family do?

In this post, I’ll tell you what most of my newborn photo sessions are like and I’ll include photos from one of my recent sessions with this super precious baby girl and her parents in their beautiful home!

“…we loved having her come over for the newborn session. She worked SO hard and captured beautiful photos that we will cherish forever! She is so laid back and easy to talk to. She makes you feel at ease and like you can be yourself during the session. We are so glad we could have her document this special time in our family’s life…” -R

My newborn photo sessions are usually about two hours long. When it’s just baby and the parents, they can be a bit shorter, however, if you have older children and want to include the family dog or grandparents (which I’m more than happy to include!) the session will be around two hours long.

I usually have openings on weekends and weekdays and I tend to schedule my sessions around 11:00 am. However, I have a very flexible schedule and I am happy to begin as early as 9:00 am and if necessary, as late as 3:00 pm (depending on the light and the time of year).

I typically photograph families with their newborns in two or three rooms in their home. When I arrive, I ask Mom what rooms she had in mind for taking photos in, and I have her or Dad give me a quick tour of their house. I love to shoot in rooms that get the best natural light. I also like to open curtains and blinds to let more light in when necessary.

Typically, I shoot in the living room for the majority of the session. I’ll get photos of just baby and baby with their parents in a chair and on the couch and utilize the natural window light as much as possible.

I also love to get photos in the nursery if the family has one set up. I know parents put a lot of time and thought into decorating and preparing a room for their new baby so I love to capture images of it.

In addition to the living room and the nursery, I also sometimes use the master or spare bedroom. I love to get photos of just baby on the bed, Mom with baby and the whole family. I’ll also get photos of baby in a cradle or bassinet if you have one.

My sessions are all baby-led. What this means is, if at any time your baby gets fussy, we’ll stop to address their needs. I have no problem taking multiple breaks for feedings, diaper changes, or if baby just needs to be rocked and cuddled. However, I’ll most likely keep taking photos during these breaks because I love to capture those real-life moments!

Please note that I do not bring any type of props to your newborn session. I prefer to use items that you already own! Please read this blog post for more details!

Depending on the weather, I also love to have everyone step outside for a few photos on the porch or in the yard!

You don’t have to worry about doing anything but cuddling and gazing at your new baby! I tell parents to just look at the baby for most of the photos so you’re not awkwardly looking at my camera for the whole session! Of course I’ll have you look into my lens for a few, but most of the time, you just need to relax and look at your baby!

Do not even worry or overthink about what to wear! Just dress comfortably! I encourage Moms to wear loose and comfortable clothing. Choose an outfit or two for the baby, but keep it simple. Sleepers and onesies are totally ideal but I also love a cute outfit like baby J is wearing here!

It’s more than ok if your baby is awake during our session! Since I do not pose babies, there’s no pressure to have a deep-sleeping baby! I love to get wide-awake photos as well as the sleepy ones!

I absolutely loved working with this beautiful family and their precious baby girl! Baby J slept so deeply for most of our session until she needed a break to eat and a diaper change or two.

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~All images by Mary Beth Miller Photography ~

Mary Beth Miller Photography has over twelve years of experience and specializes in newborn photo sessions in Pittsburgh PA and many of the surrounding areas.  

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