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As an Edgeworth Newborn Photographer, I often get emails from Moms with new babies that ask me if one month old is too old for newborn photos. Most of these Moms are worried that they missed the boat on scheduling a newborn photo session.

I’m here to tell you that NO! One month is not too old for a newborn photo shoot! In fact, it’s also ok if your baby is two or even three months old!

Listen, I get it. Life is chaotic. Maybe you never got around to contacting a photographer while you were pregnant or you didn’t think you wanted a photo session until after you brought your baby home or until they were a few weeks old. And that’s totally ok. 

The images I am sharing in this post are from an at-home newborn session where the sweet baby boy was over a month old!

I mention more on the topic here in this blog post:

Wedgeworth newborn photographer is one month too old for newborn photos brother sister newborn on chair

In fact, I often get Moms that book a newborn session after their baby was already born. Although it is ideal to contact your photographer before the baby is here, I do my very best to fit you into my schedule asap if you contact me after your baby is here.

This Edgeworth Mom contacted me when her baby was a month old and I was able to do their session within a week of receiving her email!

Just look at these adorable siblings! They were so gentle and sweet with their new baby brother!

Although I love photographing a tiny and brand-new two-week-old baby, I also really love photographing older babies! They are more alert, so I get plenty of those awake/eye contact shots that I love. They also begin to show a little more of their personality and they are already filling out/getting chubbier!

I mention more reasons in this blog post…

Although the baby is the focus and the ultimate reason for a newborn photo session, I believe it’s just as important to not only include the older siblings in the photos with the new baby but to capture images of the siblings without the baby. This is why my newborn sessions are essentially family photo sessions.

So of course, I had to get some photos of just the big brother and big sister while their baby brother was getting fed and changed. These kids were so much fun, I could have hung out with them all day!

Pittsburgh newborn photographer Mary Beth Miller photography

I will mention, as I have in other blog posts, that a studio newborn photographer that poses your baby in all of the fancy poses will want your baby to be tiny and brand new. Typically they prefer that your baby is under two weeks old.

However, I am not a studio newborn photographer. I’m a lifestyle newborn photographer that takes photos at your home and I do not try to put your baby in all of the fancy poses. Rather I prefer to let a baby fall into their own natural pose while sleeping (or awake!) and I love to have the parents hold the baby for a lot of the photos.

So in conclusion, no, one month old is not too old for newborn photos! In fact, it’s never too late to schedule a newborn photo session! “Better late than never” especially rings true when it comes to having a photographer document your baby and family!

If you’re looking for a newborn baby photographer in Edgeworth, Sewickley, Franklin Park, or the greater Pittsburgh area, please get in touch to inquire about a session! I’d love to plan a unique photo session for your new baby!

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All images by Mary Beth Miller Photography 

Mary Beth Miller is a family and newborn photographer in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and many of the surrounding areas. Mary Beth has over thirteen years of experience photographing families, newborns, and babies in Pittsburgh including Sewickley, Edgeworth, Franklin park, Hampton Township, Valencia, and Butler, PA.  Her style is very relaxed and natural and your photo session will feel like a stress-free Sunday afternoon with your family! 

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